Unique Opportunity
NEA EXPO 2018 represents an exceptional opportunity for you and your company's representatives to meet face-to-face with over 10,000 attendees of the NEA EXPO 2018. These attendees include delegates representing over 3 million NEA members who help influence the buying decisions of their schools and local districts representing a multi-million dollar marketing opportunity for you and your company.
What You Will Get
The extras that make this show special!
  Recognition in the exhibitors list in RA Today convention newspaper, which is mailed to every NEA member.
  Free listing in the program guide that provides all attendees with your contact information for use when they return home!
  Free listing on Information Kiosks located throughout the Center.
  Four complimentary Exhibit Hall passes per 10' x 10' booth.
  Visitors tracking/lead management solutions.
About the Non-Profit Fundraising Expo

The first two days of the Annual Meeting offer more free time to delegates who come to the convention center to register and attend the NEA Expo.  Once NEA’s Representative Assembly starts on July 4th, the organization hosts a small Non-Profit Fundraising Expo to raise money and/or share information to support state and local projects approved by their Association.  In most cases, non-profit exhibitors are local or state associations or caucuses who raise money for special projects. Exhibitors who are not state/local associations or an official NEA caucus are considered commercial exhibitors allowed when sponsored by a local or state association or NEA caucus.

For more information on this, please contact your local or state association or NEA caucus.

Click here to request more information about exhibiting.